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This year we are celebrating 20 YEARS of EcoSmart Fire!
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Why EcoSmart Fire?

Fire design solutions

What started as a spark of an idea was turned into a reality by the MAD Design Group who launched its multi-award winning EcoSmart Fire brand in 2004.

With representation now in over 75 countries, MAD’s passionate drive behind EcoSmart Fire not only saw the brand positioned as the pioneers of the global bioethanol fireplace industry but also keeps it at the forefront of innovation as it continues to set benchmarks in design, originality, safety and sustainability.


Environmentally friendly open ethanol fireplaces that produce a wonderful warm dancing flame.

  • 19 years experience: The EcoSmart Fire was launched onto the global stage in 2004 and there been thousands of fireplace installations in residential and commercial properties across 75 countries.
  • Fire designs with flare: EcoSmart Fire modern fireplace soultions are the product of choice when it comes to leading hotels and establishments around the world.
  • You expect safety: Researched and developed by our in-house design team, tested by independent facilities, and fabricated according to our own exacting standards.
  • Available globally: Like all successful global brands, EcoSmart Fire has a presence all over the world, so we’ve become pretty adept at taking care of our customers, wherever they happen to call home.
  • Team of specialists: Our team works closely with professionals such as architects, designers, landscapers, builders, developers and, of course homeowners to ensure the most appropriate models are selected.

Flexibility is keynote

Flexibility is keynote. Whether you’re creating a custom fireplace feature, renovating or reinvigorating an existing hearth, or looking for an out-of-the-box fire design, we have a stylish solution to suit your needs.

EcoSmart Fire built-in fireplaces

Built-in fireplaces

If experience, knowledge, expertise and quality is what you’re looking for then you’ll find working with us a breath of fresh air.

Shop Built-In Fires

EcoSmart Fire freestanding fireplaces

Freestanding fireplaces

Freedom, flexibility and functionality – EcoSmart’s freestanding fireplaces add warmth, style and ambiance to indoor living and outdoor entertaining spaces.

Shop Freestanding Fires

Why ethanol fireplaces?

  • Eco-friendly: Ethanol is a renewable fuel source and does not produce any toxic gas or waste – so you can enjoy a clean-burning, smoke free flame inside your home, hospitality or other commercial space.
  • No smoke, no chimney: Bioethanol fireplaces don’t create smoke, so they don’t need a chimney, fent or flue. Which is why you can install one just about anywhere in your home or commercial premises.
  • Versatility: Being vent-free means ethanol fireplaces give you design freedom to install them in myriad indoor and outdoor settings. See how EcoSmart indoor and outdoor ethanol fireplaces have been used across the world in different settings here.
  • Beautiful, vibrant flame: If you like a wood-burning fireplace’s flame, then you’ll love a beautiful, golden, flickering ethanol flame – plus you won’t have to clean up any ashes or soot once the fire is extinguished! Ambience without the smoke and mess!
  • Easy installation: Unlike a traditional wood-burning fireplace, ethanol fireplaces are quick and easy to install. Because they don’t require venting, the installation costs are very low.
  • Portability: There are many freestanding, portable, ventless ethanol fireplaces available – such as EcoSmart’s range of contemporary freestanding fires (including their range of Fire Pits, Fire Tables and Designer Fires), which can be easily put into place and relocated as you desire.
  • Low maintenance: An ethanol fireplace doesn’t require regular maintenance and they don’t lose colour or corrode after years of use. Being a clean-burning flame means there’s no ash, soot or other residue to clean – simply fill your burner and enjoy the vibrant flame for hours.

Work with Us

If experience, knowledge, expertise and quality is what you’re looking for then you’ll find working with us a breath of fresh air. The MAD Design Group is trained to provide support to our valued customers and can help you achieve your vision. We deliver considered solutions, from concept to creation.

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