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Ethanol fireplace safety

Mixing fire, dangerous goods and human beings is a serious business - and it’s something we factor in from concept to creation.

Our collection has been thoroughly tested against a number of global standards and are O-TL Listed in accordance with UL 1370 in the USA, Certified for EU and UK in accordance with EN16647, and satisfy the ACCC Safety Mandate for Australia.

The combination of rigorous testing, independent certification and leading fireplace safety features is why EcoSmart Fire gives you priceless peace of mind.

Safety is infused into every aspect of our product process, from the quality of research and development, to the operational system and built-in safety features.

Our streamlined, stainless steel ethanol burner designs are easy to keep clean and maintain. Special burner fabrication eliminates unstable flame behaviour and because it’s 100% stainless steel, it can be washed out in hot water to remove any build-up of denaturing agents.

Safety for us is not just about the housing of the fuel, it’s also about ensuring that your burner stays in peak condition for years to come, and burns cleanly and efficiently the way nature intended it to.

Download our e-NRG safety reminders.

Safety Reminders

Do not fill while hot Do not fill while hot
Do not fill while operating Do not fill while operating
Do not fill above MAX line Do not fill above MAX line
Flammable Flammable
Used approved Jerry Can Use approved Jerry Can
Keep away from children Keep away from children
Important Safety Reminders

Safety is infused into every aspect of our product process
and we consistently deliver best practise solutions.

Dedicated filling points

Our burners feature a patented filling point that is separated from the ignition zone and engineered so that the jerry can spout is fully supported prior to releasing the fuel supply. This eliminates the possibility of spilling when fuel is decanted into the burner.

Mark of authenticity

Every EcoSmart Fire product displays the logo and marks of authenticity on its body so that you can be certain that you’re using the best product available in the market.

Deep drawn tank

Our burner tanks are seamless as they are fabricated through a deep-drawn process which eliminates the potential for dangerous leaks.

Dedicated fireplace filling point
Deep drawn ethanol tank
Fireplace burner traceability

Each burner is batch labelled and marked for efficient tracking in the unlikely event of a technical fireplace issue.

Safety markings

There are various safety markings etched on the top face of the ethanol burner to remind users never to fill the burner while hot, or in operation.

Volume markings

Volume markings

Fuel level markings help determine the amount of fuel in the burner and indicates the MAX fill line for safe fireplace operation.

Fully accessorised for safe fireplace operation

Fully accessorised for safe operation

The design and construction of our ethanol burners intentionally introduce safety measures at various stages of operation. All burners come with accessories for the safe fireplace operation.

Video instructions

Learn how to safely operate your ethanol fire.

Nozzle and Jerry Can

Using your Safety Nozzle

Filling your Jerry Can

XL Series ethanol burners

Filling your XL Series burner

Lighting your XL Series burner

AB Series ethanol burners

Filling your AB Series burner

Lighting your AB Series burner

ICC approved for install

We pride ourselves on our strong business partnerships and always strive to make it easier to work with us. We are very excited to announce that EcoSmart Fire’s ethanol burners are not only OT-L Listed in accordance with UL 1370 and ISO Certified, but now officially comply with The International Code Council's 2021 Building Regulations.

What this means for you

ICC approved

ICC Building Codes are used by approximately 85% of all jurisdictions. An “approved for installation” product helps in getting through plan checks and building inspections quickly. Saving you time, money, and the hassles associated with approval.

About IMC (The International Mechanical Code)

The International Mechanical Code® (IMC®) published by the International Code Council establishes minimum requirements for mechanical systems using prescriptive and performance-related provisions. Reference Section 929 of the IMC. Learn more at:

EcoSmart Fire also has more UL listed products than any other company in North America. Additionally, our products are ISO Certified.

About ISO (International Organization for Standardization)

Our products are manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 standards to ensure the highest quality, safety, and efficiency. Using ISO 9001 helps ensure that customers get consistent, good-quality products and services.

Learn more at

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