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Bioethanol Fireplace Solutions

From contemporary spaces to historically significant buildings, Ecosmart fires are being cleverly incorporated into the most unique and individual of environments.

EcoSmart Fire Move TO Modern

Redefining Urban Spaces

An expansive, New York high-rise apartment has been transformed into a stunning, cosy environment with a beautiful flame to compliment the view.

EcoSmart Fire BK5 Ethanol Burner

The Nature Of Fire

A customised elliptical fire which draws on the principles of the EcoSmart Zeta gives a clever illusion of a fire burning within what looks like a tree log.

EcoSmart Fire XL900 Ethanol Burner

Moving To Modern

The magnificent art deco fireplace in Melbourne's Manchester Unity Building is no longer decorative, thanks to an EcoSmart burner.

EcoSmart Fire XL700 Ethanol Burner

Home Away From Home

A cosy, beautifully designed resident lounge in a boutique apartment hotel in New York City has an open fire with elongated flame as the centre element.

EcoSmart Fire BK5 Ethanol Burner

Fire & Water

The combination of fire and water makes a dramatic entrance statement for an inner city Sydney home.

EcoSmart Fire XL900 Ethanol Burner

Iconic Arcs

The iconic outdoor amphitheatre the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles was the inspiration for a stunning arc-style EcoSmart Fire in an LA backyard.

EcoSmart Fire XL900 ethanol burner

A Portrait Of Life

Design professional Susan Jay has a simple design philosophy: "l believe my clients' lifestyle dictates the design”, she says. “The design is a portrait of their lifestyle.

Flexibility Is Not Only Inherent In The Design Of EcoSmart Fire's also evidenced by the fuel; bioethanol. The global trend towards this modem fuel is helping drive the popularity of the fires, not just because of its eco credentials, but also because it further enhances the versatility of the fires.

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