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Flex Series Key Advantages

Private Residence
Foote Street, Brighton
The Edge Development Group + Fiona Barker Design
Lawless & Meyerson
Interior Design: Lawless & Meyerson. Photo: Dave Wheeler

A fit for every project

Flex Series is a revolutionary fire solution that significantly reduces the cost and hassle of a custom fireplace. With 219 ready-to-install fireplaces, Flex Series features a style, size, and customizable features to fit the needs of any project.

True Zero Clearance

Flex Series provides the ultimate creative freedom. Easily install directly into wood framing and finish with the material of your choice - combustible or noncombustible.

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Indoor or Outdoor

Powered by clean-burning e-NRG ethanol fuel, Flex is suitable for indoor or outdoor installation. Ethanol is a sustainable fuel choice made by fermenting plants like sugarcane or corn.

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With no gas line, no electricity, and no venting required, Flex delivers a savings of up to 80% when compared to a gas fireplace.

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Easy & Fast Installation

Flex installs in under one hour and requires virtually no assembly. Simple place in the desired location and secure into position.

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Exclusive Decorative Box

An optional configuration for select firebox lengths. Fill with any non-combustible accessory or choose our eye-catching log sets available in Brass or Copper finishes.

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Luxurious Steel Construction

Flex features a timeless smooth black finish with a zinc sealed steel construction powder coated with super hi-temp black paint to prevent rusting.

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ISO Certified & UL Listed

Every Flex Firebox is manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 standards to ensure the highest quality, safety, and efficiency. All fireplace burners are UL listed.

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